Wednesday, February 21, 2024

My picture of the day

*My Picture of the day* Hoover dam - an engineering marvel built in 1931 on Colarado river between Nevada and Arizona states of USA. It is a concrete arch multipurpose dam, 726 feet high and created a man made reservoir of 640 sq.kms. ***** *Dr.Surendra* — in Hoover Dam, Arizona

Hoover dam

*My Picture of the day* Historic low - this is the reservoir of Hoover dam built on Colarado river, USA. The water level dropped to the lowest since 1930's. The climate change is bringing droughts to one part of the World and floods to the other. ***** *Dr.Surendra* — in Hoover Dam, Arizona

Historic low

*My Picture of the day* 2 Billion years of history - the Grand Canyon is over 6000 feet in depth. The layers of rock reveal Earth's geological history dating back to 2 billion years. Seen at Southern rim, Mather point, Tusayan Arizona USA. ***** *Dr.Surendra* — at Tusayan National Forest

2 Billion years of history